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All of these pictures where shot on Falkland Islands / South Georgia / Antarctica, 2001-11/12

King Penguins

Hey guys, guys!

Take look at her...

Hey! Where are you going? She's out of your league.

This calls for immediate discussion!

Now that's a kiss!

See you guys! We are busy...

Lucky bastard.

This posing will kill me one day. I'm not a super model.

No, you will not get something.

And that's final.

Hey, you are my height. Do you have some fish?

This is really itchy.

I mean really itchy.

Rock Hopper Penguins

Adelie Penguins

Should I pose for you? OK. How's this?

Magellan Penguins

Macaroni Penguins

Hey you! You behind the yellow curtain. You'd better watch it! Or else!

Chinstrap Penguins


Look what I can do....

This way?

Probably not.

Do you know where I should go? Right? OK.

You'd better be right!

Were are every body? Did you trick me up here to get this photo?

Yes, still there.

What are you looking at?

I wish I was an airplane.

Gentoo Penguins

Who's that guy over there? I'll go check him out.

Not many Penguins are standing close to shore here.

Leopard Seal in the water, hunting Gentoo Penguins. But Penguins can be very quick!

And also very quick to go ashore.

They are not so well trained in marching, but these guys give it a try.

Jumping up to an ice floe can be tricky.

I know that my mate will want this nice stone

This one was heavy. I put it downt, and steal my neighbors stone instead.


We belong togehter

So we should raise a family